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Introducing your next place to stay

Welcome to an enclave of unparalleled charm and timeless luxury, our 19th-century boutique château in the picturesque Gard region—a mere 15 minutes from the quaint village of Barjac and 35 minutes from the historic Uzès. Encased within 1.6 hectares of walled private parkland, the château is a sanctuary amidst a tapestry of century-old trees, each telling its own story. The grounds beckon with serene relaxation zones, featuring a grand indoor/outdoor swimming pool, a spacious 100 m² orangery, and a classic boules pitch for your enjoyment.

The château itself unfolds over 370 m² of living space, offering three opulent suites with private bathrooms on the first floor and four delightful double rooms with a communal bathroom on the second floor. Beyond its walls, the estate spans over 3 hectares, gently sloping towards the River Cèze, where a secluded private beach awaits your pleasure.

For those yearning for an escape into a world of elegance and tranquility, this château, available as a holiday home, promises an unforgettable retreat. Secure your reservation through the link on our homepage, and step into a story of enchantment and luxury.

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Explore your next holiday place…

Take a look below to learn all about the amenities provided when you decide this incredible property is your next holiday home. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, and make sure to book using the link on the front page.

Château Amenities

Welcome to the heart of our château, where luxury meets comfort in a symphony of elegance. The ground floor is a tapestry of exquisite spaces, from a cozy salon with a television and music system for your entertainment to a grand dining room where every meal is an occasion. Revel in the camaraderie of our billiard/bar room, a space alive with mirth and friendly competition. Pictured here is the soul of the château—our magnificent farm-style kitchen, a culinary sanctuary that’s fully equipped to turn your recipes into feasts, all set against the backdrop of our boutique château-style décor, with lofty ceilings adding to the grandeur (as showcased in the accompanying picture).

The journey of indulgence continues upstairs with three newly-renovated suites (2023), each featuring a sumptuous 160 cm bed and an en-suite bathroom, providing a private haven of comfort. On the top floor, find four additional double rooms, each offering a snug 140 cm bed and a shared bathroom, perfect for larger gatherings. Altogether, the château comfortably accommodates up to 16 guests.

Step outside onto the expansive veranda, and you’re greeted by the tranquil beauty of a parkland filled with ancient trees, a picturesque setting for enjoying an aperitif or shared moments with those you hold dear. At our château, every detail is curated to provide an exceptional experience, whether you seek the quietude of a private escape or the joy of a festive celebration. This is where memories are made, all within the embrace of luxury living.


Château Grounds

Immerse yourself in the secluded grandeur of our château’s parklands, a sprawling 1.6-hectare sanctuary where privacy and security are paramount. Ancient trees stand as silent sentinels amidst the lush expanse, with a tranquil bamboo forest adding an exotic touch to your leisurely walks. Dive into the pleasures of our elegant indoor/outdoor pool, a spacious 14x7m haven of refreshment, unveiled in its renewed glory with the 2023 renovation—please note the pool is unheated, offering a bracing swim in the embrace of nature.

Adjacent to this aquatic retreat, challenge companions to a spirited game of Pétanque, or engage in the variety of games, including table tennis, housed in our picturesque Orangerie.

Venture beyond the protective embrace of the park, where the château’s grounds extend into verdant fields, leading to a secluded forest and down to our private beach on the serene River Cèze. Here, the sun-drenched sands beckon you to unwind and bask in the peaceful rhythm of the waterside. Our château park is not just a space but a curated experience, ensuring that every moment of your stay is touched by nature’s serene beauty and an array of delightful activities.


Our château is a sanctuary of splendor poised amidst a treasure trove of excursions. Embark on a journey through the lush landscapes of the Cévennes, or immerse yourself in the quaint allure of nearby historic villages—with the enchanting Barjac a brief 10-minute drive and the storied streets of Uzès just 35 minutes away. To the north lies the wild grandeur of the Ardèche, a haven for explorers and nature enthusiasts alike, captured in the image before you where the majestic river Ardèche weaves its storied path—a favored jewel among tourists. To the south, the rugged beauty of the Camargue beckons with its free-roaming wild horses, offering a scene as serene as it is spectacular.

After a day of discovery, our château offers a serene retreat where the evening whispers of elegance and comfort. We pride ourselves on guiding our guests to a curated selection of the region’s finest experiences, with detailed ‘what to do’ guides within the château and personalized recommendations available upon request.

The river Ardèche, featured in the photograph, is emblematic of the vibrant beauty and accessible adventures that await our guests, illustrating the unmatched locale of our luxurious haven.

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Chemin du Gres 218, Saint-Abroix, France

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